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Christian to Christian Science video series

June 7, 2011

There is a video series on YouTube interviewing a Common Bible based Christian Don Porter (former member of the Doo Wop group “The Spaniels” ) finds Christian Science and talks about persecution and the Church. He discusses how he found Christian Science and explains how being in a church that heals means enduring the hatred of the world. Don is thoroughly familiar with the scriptures and speaks about his life experience. From the Christian Church he was in and coming into Christian Science. This is a multi-part series “From Christian to Christian Science” the total interview was 45 minutes and will be in multiple segments. Below are the segments currently available.

Segment 1: Persecution Juxtaposed with Acts 6

Segment 2: Opposition to Healing, Salvation, Metaphysics. A spiritual mandate.

Segment 3: 40 years of theology revised. Genesis discussion

Segment 4: Genesis discussion. Human Interpretation vs. Revelation

Segment 5: Persecution. Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science denounced as heresy and betrayed by her own students.

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  1. Joyce Geddes permalink
    August 2, 2011 12:31 am

    This is really good. He is so enthusiastic. I want to be fired up like that!


  1. Christian to Christian Science video, segment 7 now available « Prayerful Living NewsBlog

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