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Christian Science with Lillian Schwabe – an interview with a centenarian pianist, Christian Scientist

July 18, 2011

[A Better World – – with Mitchel Jay Robin]

Mitchell’s guest this evening is centenarian pianist, Christian Scientist, Lillian Schwabe. – Having studied piano at age 7 with the famous Russian composer Leo Ornstein, and later at the Adamant Music school in a special class of 12 New Yorkers. She entered at NYU at age 16 to study English with the famous Thomas Wolfe. She studied piano with Edwine Behre, and others, consummating in a recital at one of the stages at Carnegie 1947. In 1922 she became a founding member of Megegan Colony, an anarchist community north of New York City who were International Workers of the World. Lillian now lives in Greenwich Village and works full time as a Christian Science Practitioner.  Fully engaged and continuing to significantly contribute to the world, Lillian turns 101 on August 10. Today’s show will focus on the power, art and science of Christian Science as a healing modality and a way of life.  Listen / watch interview»

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