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[] Announcing “born” again books: Literature Redistribution Center….

July 29, 2011
“born” again books is designed to get books and other inspirational materials back into circulation where they can do the good they were “bound” to do.

Do you have little used or unused books? Reading Room closure? Estate items? If these used items are in good condition we’d love to receive them. Contact us for details.

We are currently accepting:

  • Any books on Christian Science
  • Christian Science Bound Volumes (CS Journal and Sentinel)
  • Christian Science hymnals
  • Any Bible translations
  • Any Bible commentaries or other Bible-related books
  • Children’s books on Christian Science and the Bible
  • Books of general inspiration
  • Inspirational music CDs and Bible talks on CD
  • Sheet music – solos, preludes, postludes
  • Other items? contact us

We are NOT currently accepting:

  • unbound Christian Science Journals or Sentinels
  • cassette tapes or vinyl records

We suggest that your donations be shipped to us using USPS Media Mail so that you do not incur large shipping expenses. We will warehouse these items and actively work to find them new homes where they will be read and loved as intended. Visit the “born” again books webpage on»

Church, Society or Informal Group?
Looking for larger quantities of used hymnals or other books for your church or Sunday School or items for your reference library in your Reading Room? Please contact us by email or phone 602-635-1987. We will help you locate these items and will provide them to you for a small handing charge plus Media Mail shipping.

Looking for items to add to your personal library?
We will post the “born” again books availability list on our online store (launching this fall) where you may order these ready to be re-read items for only $2 handling plus Media Mail shipping.

“born” again books Literature Redistribution Center is a service of

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