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A Bible collector’s unexpected discovery in an unlikely place

February 27, 2012

[The Washington Times –] By Donald L. Blake Sr.

[MM’s note: this is an interesting article is about the Bible collection at the Mary Baker Eddy Library]

FLOWER MOUND, Tx. February 24, 2012—The building was honeycombed with interconnecting hallways, heavily secured side rooms, and huge wire bins with gates requiring security card swipes from appropriate authorities. No, it wasn’t Fort Knox; it was a beautiful stone building complex housing a church, a printing division for a well-respected newspaper, and a unique library. It is the worldwide headquarters of The First Church of Christ, Science in the heart of downtown Boston.

A few weeks preceding my encounter with the Mary Baker Eddy Library, I was contacted by the library’s senior curator, Alex Lester. He confirmed the library’s possession of a first edition of the King James Bible (“He” edition, named for its reading in Ruth 3:13: “and he went into the city”) and sent me a description so it could be included in my publication of the King James Bible census.  Read story»

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