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An official Christian Science website promotes “mind/body” physician, author

September 5, 2013

FYI: Shocking — the following article was published September, 5, 2013 on “the official site of the Christian Science Committee on Publication for North Carolina.” The full text of the article is below:

Health Care pros and cons: a bestselling doctor pleads for reason


Let me introduce you to Dr. Lissa Rankin. Maybe you’ve already met her on TEDtalks. Or maybe you’ve read her bestsellers on the mind/body connection in medicine. To give you some background before you shake hands, here’s a self-description on her home page:

“Lissa Rankin, MD is a mind-body medicine physician, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and other health care providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself. She is on a grass roots mission to heal health care, while empowering you to heal yourself. Lissa blogs at and also created two online communities – and She is also the author of two other books, a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker. Lissa lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and daughter.”

Dr. Rankin’s pieces discuss how to talk to your doctor more effectively, why optimism could save your life, and how to be a proactive patient, among other trending topics. She is also not afraid to discuss, always reasonably and respectfully, controversial subjects like how medicine may actually kill us, and the pros and cons of vaccinations. She is a fan of some alternative approaches but also values the contributions of so-called traditional Western medicine. Even on emotional issues, I like that she says,

“The point of my work is not to suggest that we should turn our backs on technology, but to do our homework, gather data, and then look deep within and ask: What is true for me? What is best for my family? and trust our intuitive knowing.”

I think you may like Dr. Lissa Rankin. You may find her to be an interesting, helpful contributor to the ongoing conversation about better health care.


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  1. September 7, 2013 4:44 pm


    I was intrigued to see my latest blog on your website. I wrote this post quickly, and neglected to fully do my work here in “correcting the imposition” on the public. I plan to re-write it so that it does so more effectively.

    Best regards,

    Cynthia Barnett,
    Christian Science Committee on Publication, NC

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