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Commit time for prayer in the new year

January 10, 2015

[By Jason Pettus, Park City Daily News, Bowling Green, KY]

…Sleep is vital and so is prayer, and it is interesting how similar the two are.

Prayer is as natural as eating and sleeping and unfortunately is not pursued as often, but when it is, it is often out of a sense of urgent need. Just as the human body alerts a person to the need to eat with hunger pains or to the need for sleep with yawning, so the soul alerts a person to the need of prayer with overwhelming urgency.

A person does not have to wait until they are starving to eat or wait until they are exhausted to sleep. There is also no need in waiting for a crisis to pray.

Most people plan their meals. They may not know every detail of each meal for their day or the week ahead, but they generally know their schedule. That is also true for most people’s sleep patterns. They may not know exactly when they will go to sleep, but most people have a general idea that they will be sleeping at some point in their day.

It is a wise person who plans to pray and then executes that plan….

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