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Queens and Kings School needs your assistance

May 7, 2015

children-on-praise-giving-day[Port Harcourt Nigeria] The Queens and Kings School in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, operates on the principles and values found in Christian Science. The school was founded by Trevor Leach CS and is run by Christian Scientists in Nigeria. Prayerful Living site visitors have helped to support the construction, improvement and activities of the school throughout the years, and we are appealing to you now for your support.

Click here to access the donation page on the school’s website»

THE IMMEDIATE NEED is to help fund the plumbing work for the Teachers’ Accommodation house, as well as support for the families of some of the school children currently dealing with hardships. Here is one example (quoting Trevor Leach):

The school does its best to assist those in the locality of the school who are suffering from hard times.  I was notified of a case this morning which highlights the need.  I have met Virtue Amadi and she has four brothers and sisters.  The whole family should be at the school, but at the moment none of them are attending.  The father was self employed in the timber market, but some two years ago, his wife whilst pregnant was involved in a motor accident.  She has been in hospital for 18 months and manages to walk with two crutches.  Her husband had to stop working to look after the children – their names are Provident, Miracle, Sunshine, Praise and Virtue.  Miracle is the baby who was born after the accident. Teachers from the school have been regular visitors to the family – helping to dress and feed the children etc.  Would you please help by making a donation (one-time or recurring) to help? This is an opportunity to really make a difference to the lives of these family members.

Again the donations may be made online by going to the school’s donation page.  Funds are overseen by Trevor and Rosalind Leach in the Isle of Man, UK, so your donations are secure.  You may communicate with Trevor via email on if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Queens and Kings School website»

Information about the Queens And Kings School on Prayerful Living»

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