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Immediate help needed for Queens & Kings School

December 4, 2015

children-on-praise-giving-dayPort Harcourt, Nigeria – The Queens and Kings School in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is in need of your prayerful and financial assistance. The school includes teaching principles of Christian Science.  Trevor Leach, CS, a founder of the school and Christian Science practitioner on the Isle of Man, UK, reports that the school was conducting exams on 2 December when this was interrupted by a visit by four men and two women from the Rivers State Education Dept. who banged on the front door in an aggressive manner demanding payment of Government School Fees of Naira 500,000 ($2,509).  The school do not have this sort of money. The teachers were so alarmed they locked the children in a classroom for safety. After they had gone the school held three of the four exams they had scheduled for yesterday. Today (3 Dec.) they were again visited by the same government officials and were not able to run ANY EXAMS TODAY.  They have been told they will not be able to function until they have paid the government fees of N 500,000. They have been in effect closed down.

DONATE: Please click here to make a donation to support the Queens and Kings School. If you have any questions, please contact Trevor Leach, CS.

Click here for more information about the school.

Q&KS-bannerThe school has been an official approved school in Port Harcourt for many years. And I [Trevor Leach] have been a Director for 12 years, I am a British Citizen and Chartered Accountant. See the attached photograph of a poster advertising the school (left).  I would be very grateful if Prayerful Living community could stimulate some spiritual and financial support to enable the school to re-open, for the children to take their exams, and to have a future for 2016, etc.

The Queens and Kings School is a community resource and has provided free schooling for some children whose parents cannot afford the fees. In the past we have provided free schooling for some thirty orphans. This August we provided free Holiday Lessons for over 200 children. We sank a deep bore hole and have provided purified water for the children and their families.  In my opinion the school has proved to be an important resource for over 12 years. There have been significant political changes in Nigeria recently.  Nigeria has a new president and it took six months for him to organise his cabinet.  I believe the School Character Education Program- see attached schedule, has been important in dissolving conflict between Muslim and Christians in Nigeria. Last year the school was successful in stopping a Boko Haram attempt to take away ten girls from the school  and those responsible were arrested and gaoled. Thank you very much for the help you can give us.  — Trevor Leach

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