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New book on Mary Baker Eddy now available

February 17, 2016

New book on Mary Baker Eddy now available

“A Story Untold: A History of the Quimby-Eddy Debate”

by Keith McNeil

[from the author] “After some ten years of research…including visits to research facilities all around the United States, the book on the Phineas P. Quimby – Mary Baker Eddy debate is finally complete, or at least Part One. While the book—over 1,400 pages including over 2,000 footnotes—is focused on the Quimby-Eddy debate, and ends on Quimby’s death, January 16, 1866 (150 years ago), it necessarily pulls from events and information in later years. Beyond that, because the Quimby issue was used by so many critics of Christian Science to attack it and its founder, with very little original research on the debate, many other controversial topics in Eddy’s history cited by those critics are discussed as well.

“The seven chapters of the book, along with the Introduction, are available for free by simply downloading them. The goal is to eventually produce a printed version, but there is no timetable for that yet.”

Download the book for free. Click here »
(NOTE:) Once on the website, click on the “Menu” link on the upper right corner of the page to unveil the links to each chapter of the book (PDF format).

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