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Healing through faith: praying to restore mind, body, and spirit

February 21, 2016

[ – Toledo Blade – Toledo, OH] by BK Barger

Is it possible to pray away pain or illness? To restore the mind and body by focusing on the spirit?…
“My patients who have a faith are hopeful, so even in the midst of illness they have an expectation that things will get better,” said Dr. Mark Wentz, a family physician who practices with Dr. Hasan. Dr. Wentz is also an ordained minister, the pastor of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Elmore….

“We’re so much bigger than what physicality represents,” said Steven Salt of Columbus, a Christian Science practitioner. He said that Christian Scientists’ approach to health care “is really up to them how they want to handle it, but prayer is natural to them.”

Most Christian Scientists seek spiritually oriented healing through the prayer of practitioners rather than going to doctors, and the practitioner is “listening to God for answers to what the specific problem is,” Mr. Salt said….

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