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A prayer for all our teachers

August 3, 2017

[The Brewton Standard – – Brewton, AL]
Pastor James A. Medows, East Brewton First Church of the Nazarene

As all teachers prepare to return to the classroom, this is our prayer for you. For we know how important you are in the lives of our children and the future of our nation.

Dear God, today I lift up all teachers to you. I pray for your anointing upon their lives, their work, and their ministry. I pray you will give them wisdom, knowledge, guidance, patience, love, protection, understanding, insight and everything they need to be a positive life changing influence upon those they teach. I pray you will keep them safe from all harm and evil.

I pray you will bring their minds the lessons and information they need to teach and the ability and skills to do what is good, right, and best in every situation.

I pray that each one will not see their profession and standing as just a job, but as an opportunity to make a difference in lives and show your love to others.

May they be salt and light in this world. May they rely on your strength and grace each and every day to accomplish that which you would have them to do.

Bless them, father, as your servants and children. And may they be a blessing to others with whom they work and teach. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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