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More than helpful hints

August 12, 2017

[Point Pleasant Register – – Point Pleasant, WV] by Thom Mollohan – Pastor, Pathway Community Church

I recall once being given the privilege of being privy to a conversation held by a trio of ladies who were comparing notes on how the turbulence of the then current economic situation was affecting them….I heard them share with each other some very important nuggets of wisdom that the Spirit of God has impressed upon them. I just hope that more of God’s people will hear and apply these suggestions which are more than mere “helpful hints.”…

The first nugget of wisdom to be unearthed was their simple acknowledgement of the presence of God in their situations….

The second thing that these ladies seemed to glean from their difficulties is a humbleness of heart that allows them to be “teachable”….

…the next bit of wisdom (and a profound one at that) came to the surface, that of the necessity of prayer. Prayer is the breath of the Believer, the lifeline that daily links us to Him as we root ourselves in His Word. They shared about their struggles in prayer, and how God unexpectedly responds to them….

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