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Lifting their voices…Jail prayer service brings out 600

September 2, 2017

[ – London, KY] by Nita Johnson

Over 600 people gathered under and around a tent in the parking lot of the Laurel County Correctional Center on Tuesday night to join together in prayer for the community.

The service was initiated by Laurel County Jailer Jamie Mosley, who has addressed the overcrowding in the jail as a dangerous situation for both inmates and jail staff….

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Governor Abbott declares Sept. 3 a Day of Prayer in Texas

September 1, 2017

[ – KVEW ABC – Austin, TX] by Jonathan Munson

The Texas Governor signed a gubernatorial proclamation Thursday at the grounds of what remains of the First Baptist Church in Rockport declaring Sunday, Sept. 3, a Day of Prayer in Texas….

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My Prayer for Texas

August 31, 2017

[The Christian Post –] by Greg Stier, Founder and President of Dare 2 Share Ministries International

I pray for the people of Houston and all the surrounding areas in Texas which were impacted by the Hurricane. They are being flooded with water. Please flood them with your provision. They have been overwhelmed with destruction. Please overwhelm them with your presence. They are being wrecked by the weather. May they be restored by your love….

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Houston hears your prayers, America, thank you

August 31, 2017

[FOX NEWS –] by Sarah Jane Moerbe

[Hurricane] Harvey has left an impact for sure. It has displaced families, ruined neighborhoods, and even taken lives. But it has also impacted Houston in other ways….Harvey has brought Houston together as one common thread. It has torn down boundaries of race, background, and financial status….I am reminded of God’s timing and sovereignty, His control over all things, and most of all Christ whom he has placed in us for such a time as this, to offer true relief and deliverance for those in need. I have seen many prayer requests since this storm began, and there will be many more to come. I have been encouraged by the nation’s response to prayers for Texas. And let me tell you, your prayers are heard….

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Local nonprofit (Chattanooga, TN) works to unite community through prayer training

August 31, 2017

[ – Chattanooga, TN] by Alina Hunter-Grah

The Chattanooga House of Prayer isn’t a church, but it has a similar mission: to bring people closer to God through prayer.

The Chattanooga House of Prayer is a nonprofit that leaders founded a little more than six years ago because they saw a need for more prayer in the city. But instead of building another church, the nonprofit was created to be a unifying force between the churches and supplement the way people practice their faith….

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Visit the Chattanooga House of Prayer website

Prayer drop box at Edgecomb (Maine) church

August 31, 2017

[Coastal Journal – Bath, Maine]

A community prayer drop box is ready to accept prayers at Edgecomb Community Church….Recently installed, the prayer drop box is available for anyone who would like to leave a request for a prayer, either for themselves or others. When requesting a prayer, you may remain anonymous or sign your name or initials….The church hopes it becomes a place where folks in the community can feel comfortable bringing their prayers, trusting that the congregation will be praying for their needs.

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Church offers prayer to motorists along street

August 13, 2017

[ –  Ashtabula, OH] – by Warren Dillaway

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP — Motorists were often surprised but warmed up quickly to a cold bottle of water and the offer for prayer at Plymouth United Methodist Church Saturday.

“We’ve done 500 prayer requests,” said pastor the Rev. Samara Jenkins.

Jenkins said the church purchased 200 bottles of water to give out at the intersection of State and Plymouth roads. Three people worked the intersection early Saturday morning.

She said Saturday was the third year the church offered motorists the opportunity for prayer. Jenkins said motorists often come back to the intersection and bring a prayer request….

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