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Prayer helps St. Pete (FL) Uber driver saves Skyway Bridge jumper

August 11, 2017

[WFLA – NBC2 – St. Petersburg, FL]

Taking time to listen and understand someone else’s personal pain is not something Uber drivers are necessarily required to do, but Chad Farley did, and he wound up saving the life of a stranger. The St. Petersburg, Florida Uber driver made several smart decisions after realizing his passenger was in serious trouble….

…Farley pulled into the Skyway’s North Pier parking area. He said that’s where he began to pray with his passenger….

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Religious leaders meet in Japan to pray for world peace

August 10, 2017

[Vatican Radio]

Religious leaders met in Japan from Aug 3 to 4 to pray for peace in the world and as a response to Pope Francis’ wish to foster dialogue, friendship and peace.

About 2,000 people, including 24 delegates from 18 countries of Buddhism, Shintoism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism came together in Japan at an inter-faith “Interreligious Gathering of Prayer for World Peace”. The event marked the 30th anniversary of the first ‘Religious Summit’ held on Mount Hiei in 1987….

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Hands gather in prayer for those who protect and serve

August 10, 2017

[ – Joplin, MO] by Lauren Kapka

Community members gather together in Joplin to pray for those who serve and protect. This was inspired after recent events that have not only happened here, but in other parts of Missouri. These tragedies inspired people to get out and pray for protection over those who protect us.

Hands joined together in prayer this evening–hands of those with police officers on their minds and in their hearts….

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“It’s called Make Me Over Again, with pampering and prayer”

August 9, 2017

[ – Grand Rapids, MI] by Rebecca Russell

It was a night of pampering for one group of women in Grand Rapids, a group that’s not used to getting a little T.L.C.

Around 25 women who are either homeless or are in transition were given free makeovers thanks to a local ministry and makeup artist….

“It’s called Make Me Over Again, with pampering and prayer,” said Pastor Eddie Lipscomb from God’s Love Ministry. “Everything that goes out of God’s love has prayer, it goes with it automatically. We know that prayer is awesome. It’s a communication and opens up the doors for a lot of things.”…

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National Prayer Weekend (Sept. 29 – Oct. 1)

August 4, 2017


National-Prayer-Weekend-logo.jpgA weekend to make God’s love known to those around you. On your street, in your community, with your prayers. We believe that local people praying for their community can change lives.

Over the past two years thousands of communities in the UK, and across the world, have taken part in the National Prayer Weekend. Christians have covered their local areas in prayer. Hundreds of thousands of neighbours, local business owners, teachers, friends, bus drivers and strangers have been asked whether they have would like to be prayed for.

We know that God can do immeasurably more than we can even imagine and so we invite you to SAVE THE DATE: 29 September to 1 October 2017, when we will pray together again for our local communities and join in with the National Prayer Weekend 2017.

You and/or you local congregation can get involved around the world. Learn more at:

Vacation Bible School for adults? It’s a big hit in Metairie [Louisiana]

August 3, 2017

[ – Times Picayune – New Orleans, LA] by Earl Hodges

Lori White couldn’t have stopped smiling, even if she had wanted to. She was having to much fun, like a child experiencing an amusement park or watching a Mardi Gras parade. But in this case, she was attending summer Vacation Bible School for the first time as an adult….

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A prayer for all our teachers

August 3, 2017

[The Brewton Standard – – Brewton, AL]
Pastor James A. Medows, East Brewton First Church of the Nazarene

As all teachers prepare to return to the classroom, this is our prayer for you. For we know how important you are in the lives of our children and the future of our nation.

Dear God, today I lift up all teachers to you. I pray for your anointing upon their lives, their work, and their ministry. I pray you will give them wisdom, knowledge, guidance, patience, love, protection, understanding, insight and everything they need to be a positive life changing influence upon those they teach. I pray you will keep them safe from all harm and evil.

I pray you will bring their minds the lessons and information they need to teach and the ability and skills to do what is good, right, and best in every situation.

I pray that each one will not see their profession and standing as just a job, but as an opportunity to make a difference in lives and show your love to others.

May they be salt and light in this world. May they rely on your strength and grace each and every day to accomplish that which you would have them to do.

Bless them, father, as your servants and children. And may they be a blessing to others with whom they work and teach. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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