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Guarding tradition: Principia has lots of money but few Christian Scientists to fill classrooms

March 4, 2018


ELSAH • A chapel stands high on a bluff above the Mississippi River here, a house of worship much like many others in that there’s a tall steeple and plenty of seating….

But the tight community is being challenged as it faces the lowest enrollment in generations. The number of students at both campuses has dipped to 835 total — and that has school officials weighing their options. Money doesn’t seem to be an issue, however….

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Bucking a trend, these churches figured out how to bring millennials back to worship

February 28, 2018

[The Kansas City Star –] by Aaron Randle

A few months after becoming pastor of Parkway Baptist Church, a 21-year-old Armour D. Stephenson III, or “AD3” as he is affectionately known, sat down with his deacons — almost all men over 40 — and laid out plans for his own version of the great flood.

“The entire dynamic of our church was about to change,”

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Christian Scientists use prayer instead of medicine. Here’s what they think about the ongoing Obamacare debate.

September 17, 2017

[] by Holly Meyer

If Kelly Brother comes down with flu symptoms, he turns to prayer and God for healing.

Brother, a lifelong Christian Scientist who lives in Memphis, believes in a spiritual approach to his health care, eschewing medical science for divine help.

…But that does not mean Brother is ignoring the ongoing political fight over the Affordable Care Act, which reached a fever pitch this summer as Republican lawmakers tried but failed to repeal and replace the Obama-era law….

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The Power of Prayer in Times of Disaster: What Kind of Difference Does It Make?

September 13, 2017

[] by Mike Martin

…CBN vice president and prayer leader Jay Comiskey says prayer works, and those who prayed made a difference.

“The Lord says the effectual, fervent prayer of any man or any woman — it’s gonna accomplish much (James 5:16),” he told CBN News. “So I can assure you with millions of people like you, like me, praying for our neighbors, our citizens, our family down in Florida, it did make a big difference.”…

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Walla Walla’s (Washington) Church of Christ, Scientist set to close doors after 119 years

September 13, 2017

[ – Walla Walla, WA] by Annie Charnley Eveland

First Church of Christ, Scientist has been a presence in Walla Walla for 119 years, although sadly, its time here is coming to a close….

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Appeals Court Rules Commissioners Do Not Violate Constitution by Presenting Christian Prayers

September 10, 2017

[Christian News Network –] by Heather Clark

JACKSON, Mich. — The full Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a board of county commissioners in Michigan is not violating the Constitution by solely presenting Christian prayers simply because all the commissioners identify as Christian….

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Beaumont (TX) joins in prayer as they rebuild post-Harvey

September 6, 2017

[KCEN-TV Channel 6, Temple, T] by Emani Payne

Harvey’s damage, both physical and emotional, still lingers in Southeast Texas communities. Sunday night, many Beaumont residents turned to a greater force for relief….

Several local pastors from various churches teamed up to create a community prayer session that wrapped up a few hours ago. Many people said they walked away from the event feeling replenished….

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