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Group aims at offering prayer, hope

January 20, 2017

[The Tribune, Seymour, Indiana]

Matt Roberts, pastor of Haleysburg Church of the Nazarene, and Donna Baughman, a member of Browntsown Church of the Nazarene, are starting new group meetings called HOPE, which stands for Helping Others and Praying for Everyone.

“In a nutshell, we hope to offer hope, encouragement, prayer, support and information on what we can do as concerned citizens to help our community learn how and what we can do to help those who are struggling with such issues as addictions,” Baughman said….

“We want to pray for those who are struggling, pray for our community, pray for law enforcement and ourselves on how we can become more like God in reaching out to those who are struggling,” Baughman said.

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On Election Day, A Prayer To Heal The Country

November 11, 2016

[] A “Here & Now” interview]

Churches across the country are helping voters start the healing process after a divisive campaign season. Election Day prayer services are underway, and others are scheduled through the weekend.

Here & Now‘s Robin Young speaks with the Rev. Megan Clapp, minister to youth and young adults at McLean Baptist Church in McLean, Virginia, about a bipartisan gathering the church has planned.

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Cash Peters interviews Don Ingwerson CS

April 13, 2016

Cash Peters (The Life Quiz) interviews Don Ingwerson CS, Committee on Publication for the Christian Science Church in southern California, on his podcast. Listen below:

For the last show in the series, Cash speaks to Don Ingwerson, a healing practitioner of the Christian Science religion.

Together, they discuss how healing works, why Christian Science gets a bad rap sometimes in the media, Mary Baker Eddy’s work, the path that led Don to becoming a practitioner (the CS word for someone through whom God heals), and so much more. They also talk about Mary Baker Eddy’s Seven Synonyms for God – Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Principle, Soul, and Mind – even though Cash can only name six of them and can’t for the life of him remember the seventh.

It’s a fascinating look into a religion that the majority of people don’t understand, but which has been known to yield massively beneficial results. Cash even experienced his own amazing healing after Don left the interview, and this is revealed during the show as well.

A soldier’s prayer from long ago might help others in strife today

March 1, 2016

[ – Janesville, Wisconsin] by August C. Hohl, Sr.

I served in the Army during the Korean War. Shortly after the war went to a cease-fire, I was reassigned to Fort Benning, Georgia. One morning, shortly after I woke up, I wrote this prayer. I only hope that someone else can be helped by reading these words.

After reading about all the terrorist actions, wars and other murders this past week, I am sure that others can use some help.


As dawn’s first ray streams o’er the sky,

And day’s first light goes shining high,

And sun’s first beam looks down on me,

I hear a far off reveille.


I’ve seen the bloodshed and those gored

By hate too many hearts outpoured;

So; here’s my prayer from feelings stored

Too long within my heart. —Dear Lord,


I come to you with heartfelt plea

To ease the pain and misery,

Where devils cheer in murderous mirth

While man kills man upon God’s Earth.


Dear Lord! That man might see the light,

And start to love and cease to fight,

And help another when he can

To be a gentler, wiser man.


For man was never meant to mar

This Earth with all his bitter war;

So Lord, I pray that this may be:

That Earth, from hatred shall be free.




I wrote this late in 1953. I finished my enlistment in 1955.



Link to original letter to editor

How religious is your state? an interactive tool

March 1, 2016

[] by Michael Lipka and Bejamin Wormald

The Pew Research Center of Religion and Public Life offers this interactive tool for you to see how religious a particular state is. You can choose a state and see how it compares to other states in “overall” religious standing, how important religion is to the population, per cent of population attending church regularly, per cent who say they pray daily, per cent who say they believe in God with absolute certainty.

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Son of atheist who fought Bible readings in school lobbies for return to prayer

February 28, 2016

[ – Annapolis, MD]

The late atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair made religion in school a federal case.

In the 1960s, O’Hair sued the Baltimore City school system, where her son William attended, over Bible readings in school. The case made it all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled in her favor.

On Friday, her son was in Annapolis, telling lawmakers maybe it’s time to say Amen again.

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Knit one, pray too: Shawls crafted with love

February 28, 2016

[] Indiana County News, PA

BRUSH VALLEY — A long-distance phone conversation between two friends planted a seed that blossomed into a quiet, yet powerful, ministry at a local church.

In the past nine years, more than 1,000 prayer shawls have been made and given to individuals in the community, as well as all over the United States.

This God-driven and prayer-centered ministry uses the hands of a small group of ladies at the Brush Valley United Methodist Church.

These ladies combine the simple acts of knitting and crocheting with praying.

As a shawl is made, prayers are said for the person who will receive it….

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