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EACH Act passes US House of Representatives

August 4, 2018

[The Telegraph – Alton, Illinois] by Tim Mitchinson (originally titled “Religious differences and the values communities share)

“…the recent passage by the House of the Equitable Access to Care and Health (EACH) Act. This legislation augments the original religious accommodation in the Affordable Care Act to include those who conscientiously rely on a religious mode of care.

Congressman Rodney Davis of Illinois’ 13th district, the bill’s lead sponsor and one of its chief advocates, noted that it had “nothing but bipartisan support.” Speaking on the House floor on Tuesday, Congressman Davis called it “a testament to what good happens here in a bipartisan fashion.”

The Affordable Care Act currently includes a religious conscience exemption for the Amish and certain Mennonite groups. The House bill “modestly expands” this exemption, Congressman Davis pointed out. As the comments on the House floor made clear, the EACH Act seeks to be fair and respectful of diverse faiths, while also respecting the rights and needs of the wider society, religious and non-religious alike.

Christian Scientists are among the constituents who would be directly affected by the Act. Our church members have diverse political views—the church doesn’t dictate members’ opinions or actions—so this isn’t a partisan issue for us, either.”

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Prayer service offers support for new mayor and for Trenton

July 5, 2018

[The Trentonian – Trenton, NJ] by L.A. Parker

Respected religious leaders queued in Union Baptist Church yesterday for a pre-inauguration Breakfast and Ecumenical Prayer Service for Mayor-elect Reed Gusciora….

“We are called to humble ourselves and to understand the power of unity and the power of love,” Jenkins said. “It’s time that we come together and bring about real positive change to communities.

Jenkins asked that council members find a blessing of “wisdom and knowledge to lead this city forward together.”…

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Sheriff’s Department Faces Backlash After Sharing Photo of Deputy Praying Before Shift

July 5, 2018

[The Western Journal –  Anthem, AZ] by Kim Davis

It was May 1 when Yucaipa Police Department Deputy Wedge prepared for his shift. He took a knee in front of his vehicle and bowed his head, lips moving silently in prayer.

Somebody from the department observed the scene, snapped a photo, and shared it online. “This morning we caught #YucaipaPD Deputy Wedge in the parking lot of the station,” read the photo’s caption on Twitter….

What was on the deputy’s heart that day? The well-being of his community.

“He politely shared that he was praying for his partners safety and the community,” Yucaipa police said….

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Ann Beals

June 29, 2018

We have just heard that Ann Beals, author and owner of The Bookmark, passed away on June 25th.

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Prayer delivery may change at many North Carolina government meetings after Supreme Court action

June 29, 2018

[Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, North Carolina] by Tim Funk and Michael Gordon

There still will be prayers when Rowan County’s [North Carolina] board of commissioners meet, but they no longer will be led by the commissioners themselves.

That was the word Thursday from the county’s lawyers after the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that found the commissioners’ practice of delivering Christian prayers before their public meetings was unconstitutional.

The lower court ruling covers several states, including the Carolinas.

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Church of England launches World War One prayer service to teach reconciliation with Germany

June 29, 2018

[The Telegraph] By Olivia Rudgard

The Church of England has launched a World War One prayer service to teach reconciliation with Germany.

The new “monologue”, which incorporates songs such as Pack up Your Troubles and Jerusalem, has been launched to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War this November.

It encourages worshippers to experience “reconciliation” with enemies and “commit ourselves afresh to working together for peace”.

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Customers flock to Two Sparrows boutique’s ‘Prayer and Praises Wall’ in St. Augustine

June 25, 2018

[First Coast News – St. Augustine, Florida] by Brooks Baptiste

Two Sparrows is a boutique in the heart of St. Augustine where customers can offer up a prayer on the shop’s “Prayer and Praises Wall.”
…For the past three years, it’s been a place for customers to have a shopping experience like no other. …
…The boutique’s “Prayer and Praises Wall” has attracted more than 3,000 customers, within the past six months. It’s become a place for visitors to offer up a prayer while they’re out and about….
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