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National Day of Prayer

March 14, 2020

Soon after declaring a national emergency on Friday, March 13, President Trump declared Sunday, March 15, 2020 a National Day of Prayer in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Collectively lets take back the world from fear.

Former Los Angeles church chairman charged with stealing over $11 million in church funds

August 27, 2019

[Los Angeles Daily News –]

[I am posting this news story in the hope that church memberships everywhere will be alert to watch their funds closely.]

LOS ANGELES — The former board chairman for the Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, Los Angeles, was arrested Monday on suspicion of stealing more than $11 million in church money and using it to purchase a home, a membership at Disneyland’s exclusive dining club and pay other personal expenses.

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Additional coverage:

Ex-Chairman of Christian Science Church in L.A. Ordered to Remain Behind Bars (8/28/19)

‘Prayer Walk Around Schools’ Sunday

August 22, 2019

[The Southeast Sun – Enterprise, Alabama]

A “Prayer Walk” around all the schools in Coffee County is set for Sunday, Aug. 25 and the public is invited.

According to event organizer Peggy Stroud, the walk begins at 4 p.m. at all the Enterprise City and Coffee County elementary, junior high and high schools and Enterprise State Community College.

“The purpose is to pray for God to intercede and protect our children, teachers and school officials from harm,” Stroud said. “We pray that they will have God’s wisdom as they face each day.”

“Everyone is encouraged to come pray with us,” Stroud said, “If you are unable to walk around the school and pray, someone will be at the door of the school to pray with you.

“Imagine the magnificent power of God released as we ‘Prayer Walk’ on all the campuses,” Stroud said. “Please commit to come and pray at the school of your choice.”

The event is sponsored annual by the Coffee County Baptist Women on Mission.

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Churches could win back teens like me if they were more welcoming and less judgmental

August 22, 2019

[USA Today] Opinion piece by Stacia Datskovska

Church should offer more open-ended resources such as meditation, discussion groups and even nature walks. Let teens come to God in their own way.

…From the standpoint of teens like me, many Christian denominations are too deeply rooted in tradition. Whatever this “tradition” comes dressed as, we find it a turnoff…

…Teen religious disillusionment is more prevalent than ever. Today’s teens are the first generation to be called “post-Christian,” meaning they lack a sense of Christian identity. Last year, when Barna Group asked why, 17% of the churchgoing 13- to 18-year-olds in the survey said church is too much of an exclusive club for them to relate to positively….

…However deep-rooted and unalterable these attitudes toward the church seem, there’s actually great potential for inclusive policies to work. …

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Prayer partners donate books for students starting school

August 20, 2019

[Washington Daily News – Washington, NC – by Matt Debnam]

As students at local elementary schools return to class next week, they will do so with the prayers of the community behind them and a brand new book to call their own. It’s a trend that is growing among local teachers, who are asking the community to serve as prayer partners for kids in their classrooms.

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Private prayer may boost memory for adults over 50

August 20, 2019


People over 50 who attend religious services and pray privately may notice better memory performance, researchers report.

According to the study’s findings, frequent religious service attendance and private prayer were linked to stronger cognitive health among blacks, Hispanics, and whites….

The researchers used six years of data from the University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study, which includes responses from more than 16,000 people over age 50. They asked about religious attendance and prayer, and then tested people’s memory skills….

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Christian Science, medicine and prayer

August 13, 2019

[The Guardian]  Robin Harragin Hussey responds to Caroline Fraser’s piece revealing how the religion’s anti-medical dogma led her father to an agonising death

I have great compassion for Caroline Fraser and her family’s heart-wrenching experience (‘You don’t need a doctor…’, Journal, 6 August), yet her depiction of the Christian Science church is almost unrecognisable based on my own experience. Yes, like many other Christian denominations, our church has had important lessons to learn – and has seen a decline in numbers. But the Christian Scientists I know strive to provide unconditional support for their loved ones, with each individual free to choose the type of healthcare, including medical, that is most effective for them. The five years I spent as administrator of a Christian Science care home – a place full of joy and longevity for those choosing spiritual healing – were far from what Ms Fraser describes.

Christian Science beliefs and practices, often misunderstood, can run against cultural norms. They are based on a deep faith in a loving God and on the teachings and healing works of Jesus, proved practical. The church’s founder, Mary Baker Eddy, makes clear that healing is the natural outcome of one’s continually growing understanding of God. Its practice embraces Golden Rule ethics – to treat others as one would want to be treated, to respect all views differing from our own, and to be law-abiding. The church’s aim is to relieve suffering and uplift humanity. The health and safety of children and adults are paramount to all.

And Christian Scientists continue to experience significant healing in their lives – morally, physically and spiritually. The first-hand accounts of healing through prayer published in church periodicals just in the past two decades, for example, range the spectrum of human ills, a number of them medically diagnosed and not easily dismissed as psychosomatic or natural recovery.

Given the challenges humanity faces, it seems such healing and restoration is still what the world needs today.
Robin Harragin Hussey
Christian Science Committee on Publication, London


First day of school photo of siblings praying goes viral: ‘We pray for everyone’

August 9, 2019

[Fox News] by Caleb Park

Jamisha Harris shared a photo of her children Eugene Jacobs, 10, Jorden Jacobs, 8, and Emily Jacobs, 7, praying before their first day of school.

First day of school photos are precious but one Louisiana mother’s photo is going viral for what her kids are doing in the face of tough times….”Dear God,” Harris wrote on Facebook before WAFB shared the image. “This morning I’m feeling nervous and a little unsure but thankful…”…What you can’t see in the photo is that the Harris family lost their apartment the day before, and Jamisha and her husband recently lost their jobs…. Click here for complete story»

Principia announces new pilot program to let “limited number” of non-CS enroll

August 2, 2019

From the Principia website

In an article entitled:

Enlarging the Tent, Strengthening the Stakes

“…Principia’s Board of Trustees has authorized Principia’s leadership to conduct a limited pilot program enrolling a small number of students—no more than 15 on each campus—who fall outside our regular admissions guidelines. We will be looking for students who desire a Principia education and wish to further their own moral and spiritual growth by joining an educational community that models and encourages viewing and living life through the lens of Christian Science. This can include students and families who are new to learning about Christian Science, are receptive to its principles and values, will respect Christian Science healing, and are attracted to our community for the right reasons.”

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South Dakota public schools to display ‘In God We Trust,’ under terms of new law

July 24, 2019

[Fox News] By Louise Casiano

All South Dakota public schools will display “In God We Trust” in the coming school year after a new law took effect this month, requiring the state’s 149 districts to paint, stencil or prominently feature the national motto.

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